Aysha M. Shavkatova

“Certify with Confidence.”

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Pennsylvania Notary Public based in Lancaster, PA.

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Serving Various PA locations.



An acknowledgment ensures that the signer of a document is indeed the person named in the document, which will be officially recorded in the public record.


A document used to verify the authenticity of a signature, typically attached to documents from foreign countries involved in international business transactions.

Certified Copies

A certified copy is an endorsed or certified replica of an original document, attesting that it is a true and accurate representation of the primary document.

Loan Signings

Assisting in the signing of loan documents, ensuring all parties involved properly execute the necessary paperwork according to legal requirements.

Notice of Protest

A formal declaration made by an interested party regarding an act that has already been performed or is about to be performed.

Oaths and Affirmations

Administering oaths or affirmations, whereby individuals make promises regarding their future actions. An oath invokes a divine witness, while an affirmation is a promise made without invoking a divine witness.

Verifications on Oaths and Affirmations

Providing a verification service for customers who require a written sworn statement (as opposed to an oral statement) to be signed in the presence of a notary public.

Witnessing or Attesting a Signature

Acting as an impartial witness, a notary public ensures the validity of a signed document when an individual needs a third party to witness or attest their signature.

*Please note that there are additional notary services available beyond the ones listed.

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