How Do I Get My Documents Notarized?

1. Personal Appearance

Personal appearance and valid identification are required for document notarizations.

2. Signature

After presenting your documentation and picking your service, sign your documents in the presence of the notary.

3. All Set!

You’re all set! The notary will stamp and seal your documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

A notary public is a state-appointed public officer of integrity who serves as an impartial witness, performing a number of official fraud-deterring acts, known as notarizations, to serve the public.

A mobile notary public is a professional who travels to your desired location, whether it is your home, business, or any other place. With a mobile notary, you can conveniently receive notarization services without having to leave the comfort of where you are. While traditional notarizations are traditionally done on paper, a mobile notary brings the necessary expertise to you.

An electronic notarization closely resembles a traditional notarization, with the key difference being that both you and your notary will sign the documents electronically on a computer or other electronic devices, rather than using paper. Electronic notarizations make it easier for you to transmit paperwork online and facilitate electronic filing and storage. It’s important to note that even with electronic notarizations, your notary will still travel to your location.

Remote online notarizations are conducted entirely online, allowing you to participate in the process from anywhere. Instead of an in-person appearance, your interaction with the notary takes place virtually. Both your signature and the notary’s signature are submitted electronically. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote online notarizations have been recently permitted in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing a safe and convenient alternative.

To get a document notarized, you will need to personally appear and present valid government-issued identification. It is important that all individuals whose signatures are listed on the presented document(s) are present during the notarization process to ensure proper authentication. 

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