Translation Services

While USCIS no longer mandates notarized translations, there are instances where they may require a certified translation to be notarized. Certain universities still necessitate notarized translations for specific documents. Additionally, when seeking employment in the US, certain companies might request notary translation for your paperwork. For example;

  • birth certificate translation
  • marriage certificate translation
  • divorce certificate translation
  • foreign diplomas, degrees, academic records translation, high school transcripts
  • passport translation
  • medical records translation
  • police records translation and court transcripts

This is where I can assist you. 

My services encompass notarized translations for all types of documents, translating from any of the following languages to English;

Russian  –  Turkish  –  Uzbek  –  Greek

It is advisable to contact the relevant institution and inquire about their specific requirements, whether they necessitate a certified or notarized translation. We are capable of providing both services, and we strive to offer competitive pricing in the market.

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